A bright weekend beckons

If the start to yesterday was joyous (smiles, hugs and conversation) today we were back to normal (Ash lying rigid and silent in bed trying to work out how his day was going to go) and I thought about the fact that, however hard we try, it's almost impossible to ignore the small flickers of hope when things are going right.  Unfortunately those small flickers are always extinguished far to soon.  Anyway, in the circumstances what's a girl to do?  Luckily, on my agenda for today is the collection of the 6 year old from school and almost a whole weekend with him and his dad.  If you don't have a 6 year old in your life I highly recommend acquiring one although he/she really does have to be close enough to lighten your world, be the bright star in your sky and the balance to the chaos going on around you.  When my two favourite boys are with us, for a few short days everything settles back into line and we are a 'normal' family again so I'm looking forward to this with great excitement.  Ash has been busy cleaning up a chest of drawers for the 6 year old's bedroom, I've been mopping floors, the weather's glorious and this should set us up for at least a week after they've gone home (but does that constitute a flicker of hope easily distinguished?).  Watch this space to find out what we get up to.

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