Calm thinking saves my sanity

Two weekends ago we had heating but no hot water.  Now have a new hot water tank so you'd be forgiven for thinking all was well but two hours after switching on this morning the boiler is leaking fumes so strong I've had to switch it off.  Emailed the plumber and now waiting for a reply so will keep you posted if your interest hasn't waned at the very thought of our current problems.  The thing is that I was in despair when I first noticed the fumes and even had a 'woe is me' moment but then I made myself think clearly and realised that life is rarely all bad.  We have an open fire so at least one room will be cosy warm, thanks to friends we have a large wood pile to keep it going and, unlike last weekend, we have an immersion heater so with the flick of a switch we can have as much hot water as we need/want.  Last weekend I said that I could cope without either heating or hot water and last weekend we had heating.  This weekend I can cope without the heating if I need to as long as I have hot water.  I also, fortunately I now realise, have a long list of jobs I've been putting off which will keep me moving and, therefore, warm.

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dasntn said…

you are developing such a positive attitude - it's really impressive and inspiring!

Thanks for your daily posts, I always look forward to reading them,

Jane said…
thanks David. good to know you're there. I don't always manage the positive attitude but am trying really hard as the only other way of thinking leads, as far as I can see, to despair and that really is no way to live.