Friends come out in force

I thought you might like to know that, thanks to friends, our hot water difficulties are resolved.  After the blog went out last night lots of local friends got in touch offering the use of showers, baths, hair washing facilities and even temporary accommodation and all of them offered with the understanding that Ash probably wouldn't cope (which he wouldn't).  I would cope very well however so my mind was instantly relieved of thoughts on how I would manage without washing my hair for 4 days.  Now I just had to make sure Ash kept clean and we'd be ok (we can still use the washing machine so clothes aren't a problem).  Then a friend messaged me to say she and her husband had an unoccupied flat not far from us where we were welcome to go and have as many baths as we wanted/needed until our hot water was back on again.  I told Ash and the smile that lit up his face told me this would work.  The place is empty and anonymous, we would be able to drop in whenever we wanted and there was absolutely nothing for him to be anxious about.  On top of that he announced that after this evening's bath we would walk across the market place to buy fish and chips for tea and then his day would be complete.  Once again I'm going to shout very loudly 'THANK GOODNESS FOR FRIENDS'.  I have no idea where we'd be without them all.

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