Life is currently full of chaos and calm

We have no hot water.  In fact, not only that, but we currently have no hot water tank instead there is an empty space where the tank used to be and a gap showing us what the loft looks like.  The problems began last week when hot water slowed to a trickle within a couple of minutes meaning baths were centimetres deep/shallow and anyone needing a shower (me) had to be in and out within two minutes.  I contacted our wonderful, reliable (I know, how unbelievable is that?) plumber who came out to look and announced that we needed a whole new tank.  Expensive but necessary so he ordered it and came today to fit it.  Unfortunately he ordered the wrong tank, a mistake not discovered until the old one was in the middle of the bedroom floor.  A replacement's been ordered but won't be here until Monday and in the meantime we have heating but no hot water and all I can do is fret about how I'm going to wash my hair.  Ash on the other hand isn't fretting at all which at first surprised me but then I looked at it from his point of view (or as close to that as I could get).  He likes our wonderful, reliable plumber a lot and has great faith in him.  In return the plumber seems to like Ash's company when he comes to do work so this morning flew by as they discussed together what needed doing, peered into the old tank together and were astounded by the amount of lime scale in it then decided together what needed to happen next.  By the time the plumber left Ash was flying high with self esteem at an all time peak and the small detail of no hot water for the next four days was dismissed as irrelevant.  All of which just goes to show how important that self esteem is to his anxiety levels.

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Lesley said…
Love it! Can you find any other excuses to get the plumber back?!
Jane said…
That would be an idea but unfortunately he charges for his services. Also it hasn't been quite as pain free as I predicted. think I posted a little too soon.
Lesley said…
That's a shame. Hope tomorrow's a good day.