Makes a nice change

Last night I looked through the tv programmes on offer and felt a sense of deep unease - a serious lack of quiz shows between 7 and 9pm on every channel.  What on earth were we going to do?  The last time this happened Ash sat white faced and panic stricken through the whole evening and that wasn't an experience I wanted to repeat so I gave it some thought and had a look through the paper before telling him about the absence of normal viewing.  Then said I'd seen something else we might like (no detail so no chance of him having to think about whether he'd like it or not) and switched on a programme about wild life and sea life in the South Pacific.  Well what a success that was.  He watched spell bound through the whole thing even when I fell asleep then, when I woke up, he proceeded to tell me about all the things I'd missed.  Haven't seen him that animated for ages.  Lovely to see and lovely to have something to talk about other than answers to questions on quiz shows I've watched at least twenty times before.  Not sure I'll be able to repeat the experience but it made such a welcome change.

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