What did you do that for?!!!

For years we've had a complicated system with our tv which entails 2 different remotes, one for on/off and adjusting the volume, one for changing channels and all because we've run the tv through a dvd recorder.  As Ash only watches quiz shows now the recorder is superfluous to our lives but the one time I suggested moving it into my sanctuary the crankiness entered the house so I left well alone.  Yesterday I had to reset the system twice because he used the wrong remote to change channels, frustration set in (on his part not mine I hasten to add) and he ranted about the need for two remotes.  After listening for a few minutes I suggested disconnecting the dvd player so that we would only have to use one remote.  This was agreed to with enthusiasm but set me a bit of a problem as I wasn't the one to connect it all up in the first place (along with most other things in the house this wasn't one of my jobs) however as you know I've come to the conclusion that there really is a solution to every problem if I only focus so I examined it all carefully and then, with my heart in my mouth, unplugged cables from one place and plugged them in again somewhere entirely different.  Crunch time would come when I switched it all back on - if it didn't work, boy was I in trouble.  But it did work and we had one device with one remote and no confusion, except dementia is in our lives so of course there was confusion.  Ash had watched me do all of this becoming ever more rigid by the minute and when I triumphantly said 'there, how's that?' he replied angrily 'what did you do that for?  why have you messed around with it?  what was wrong with it as it was?'  On the plus side I have yet another thing to add to my list of recent accomplishments.

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Sarah H said…
Well done . . . again!