A grand day out

Am writing this first thing in the morning, a morning when, for the first time in months, I woke without the sick feeling in my stomach which comes from living alongside dementia.  I'm going out for the day you see and not only that I have a whole day with just Jake and the 6 year old so I have no responsibilities and no decisions to make.  The days and weeks leading up to this point have of course been full of decisions and plans just to make sure it could all happen but it's now organised and I plan to relax and go with the flow.  A friend is calling this morning with cheese scones and a question or two about the work 'we've' done on the house so that will take at least an hour I would think then this afternoon two of Ash's friends are calling in for a catch up and around tea time another friend is calling just to see if he needs anything doing.  She was coming to sort out his tea (which is currently sitting in the fridge waiting to be reheated) but he said that wasn't necessary so the call in is just to save face for him and peace of mind for me.  The heating is turned to 'on' which means it won't switch off at 7pm and then he won't need a fire if he's confused about lighting it, a note will be left at the side of the kettle telling him where I am and the order of his day, my walking boots are next to the back door and I'm almost ready for off.  Of course, in this weird world as it is at the moment our plans have changed.  We were originally off to London to visit the Transport Museum and to watch The Lion King but that, for obvious reasons, is now impossible so it's a trip to the woods, a walk along the Glow Trail and a faint hope that the cafe is doing takeaways.  Watch this space to see how it all goes.  Full report tomorrow.

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Lesley said…
Hope you had a fantastic day and came back to find Ash feeling happy after all his visitors.
dasntn said…

hope you had a lovely day!