Anxiety held at bay

At Christmas Jake gave me a beautiful faux fur throw (try saying it out loud and let me know how you get on).  I'd dropped into conversation that I'd like a fleece throw and was actually thinking of something a little lighter but the one I was given is so much better than the one I'd had in mind that all I have to do is pull it over myself in an afternoon and I'm instantly asleep.  A few weeks ago I mentioned this to Jake and we had a bit of a discussion about weighted blankets and how they are supposed to help people living with anxiety then I thought  no more about it except to look lovingly at the faux fur lying across the back of the sofa in my sanctuary.  A few nights ago, towards the end of the 'no heating' saga, I took it upstairs, laid it across the bed and fell fast asleep under it's all encompassing warmth.  We kept it on for Friday night when the house was still reheating itself and then last night I thought we no longer needed it so made to take it back downstairs.  Except that Ash decided we should keep it on the bed through the rest of the winter (this from someone who used to moan about how thick the quilt was and how warm the bedroom was).  So last night we went to bed in a fully heated house and slept under a thick quilt and the faux fur throw.  Ash slept solidly while I kicked the throw off after about half an hour but I do wonder whether the weight of it makes him feel safe and, if that's what it takes, then I'll put up with gently cooking for a few hours while he sleeps anxiety free.  Feeling safe is after all what allows him to function.

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Lesley said…
We have found a weighted blanket to help.
Jane said…
and does it?
Lesley said…
Yes. Gets a bit hot sometimes but Rob does use it regularly and has done since we got it, about 18 months now.