Calm follows confusion

If yesterday was a day of confusion today we seem to be back on track with only one question about whether it was ok to sit out in the garden.  It obviously was but almost as soon as we agreed that the sun went in and the point became irrelevant.  So this is quite a boring post with no drama, no hysterics, no highs and no lows but don't suppose it will be any the worse for that.  It was with no little trepidation that I'd mentioned when we got up that all the clocks needed putting forward one hour but Ash picked up on it and managed with only a small amount of effort and very little stress to reset them so we began the day with his self esteem on a high which is always a help, he then took the dog for his morning walk and I did the afternoon outing so we seem to be in a nice little routine there and all is well in our world at the moment.  No idea how long it will last but am making the most of it while it does although I'm interested to see whether the new way of living will carry on when the current restrictions are lifted.

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dasntn said…
Hi Jane

glad to see that the day was a calmer one. Always good to see your blogs even on days where not much has happened, as I guess those tend to be the good days.

Take care
Jane said…
I'm beginning to discover, through this lockdown, that the days when nothing happens are the best ones David.