Good news only here ........

Yesterday we went out for lunch with friends and it was lovely.  We had the restaurant almost to ourselves (which, I've only just realised, may have helped Ash a great deal), there was conversation, laughter and a great feeling of well-being all round so we came home on a bit of a high.  The best thing as far as I'm concerned though was that when we'd been home a while Ash came through to ask me the details of the afternoon.  He wasn't stressed or worried because he couldn't remember but interested to talk about it and find out where we went and who we went with and that was the loveliest thing, that he felt ok with admitting he couldn't remember and that the not remembering didn't spoil any of it for him.  Until now that lack of memory would have sent him into a tail spin but not yesterday so think he's beginning to feel safe enough to admit he has difficulties and to know that those difficulties are manageable which is a great breakthrough.  And the feeling carried on into the evening with near normal conversation while watching something other than quiz shows on the television.  Actually the subject matter helped as we watched a programme where five pairs of people are racing across South America without the aid of planes or mobile phones and we both know that Ash would have been brilliant at it while I would have been absolutely rubbish.  There's nothing like being able to feel superior to me for his self esteem to soar!

My other piece of good news is that I managed to sort out yet another problem with his laptop.  It took a lot of searching and noting of differences between one email and another but I did it and was very proud of myself.  Yet another example of how much dementia has changed not only Ash but me as well.  Once upon a time I'd have looked, not been able to spot the problem instantly and thrown my hands up in despair.  Now, if one strategy doesn't work I figure there must be another way and mostly there is.

So yes there is Coronavirus in the world but life is never all bad and that I think is something we should remember.

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Sarah H said…
Excellent - good progress on both counts!