Practising for a future life

So how's your social distancing going?  Are you making the most of it or has life taken a turn for the worse?  Are you battling through or have you found that with a few small changes life is bearable or even, dare I say it, better than it was before?  Life here I would say is better than before now I've got my head around it all.  I admit that there was the huge blip at the beginning of the week but since then I've put my head up, shoulders back and faced the world with positivity and we're alright.  I'm writing this at tea time so thought you might like to know how my day has gone.  If you're not interested then feel free to look away now but it's been a good day so it might just be worth reading about.  You can also see if you can spot the mistake I made quite early in the programme.

Started with breakfast, then shower, then dressed ready for Joe Wicks and his fitness workout at 9am which for the first time I was determined to do 'live'.  And there was my mistake, did you spot the shower before the workout?  Not a good idea when you're not as fit as you thought you were but I went ahead and joined him anyway.  I love it as I'm on my own so if I mess anything up it doesn't matter but what really amazes me is that this is PE for children and I struggle to keep up but we'll see how things are at the end of this isolation thing.

The workout was followed by a video chat with two of my oldest friends (known one since I was 6 and the other since I was 11 so they know all the skeletons in my cupboard) and then another short video chat with my Monday walking friend where we quickly put the world to rights and arranged a virtual coffee morning for Monday.  After that it was out in the garden for a short spell of gardening, back in for lunch then an hour's walk with the dog, back home for some advice from my gardening friend, then made some cheese scones to keep Ash from starvation point and now writing this before cooking tea and that's it, that's my day almost done and dusted.  The thing is that, in all of this Ash is better than he's been in ages and I think that's because he knows where I am, he knows I'm not going anywhere and he knows he's safe and that has made an awful lot of difference to him.  I also think this is great preparation for the time to come when I can't go out and leave him however near or far that day may be.  I know now that there is still a life to be lived even if I can't physically get out there so some of my trepidation has gone.  Life can still be embraced even with all its differences.

However, I'm very sorry to have to tell you that tomorrow won't be as good.  I've ignored the cleaning for long enough and need to do something about the state of the house before we have to clamber over things to make our way out of the door.  Looking on the bright side though the weather's going to be awful so that should be an incentive.

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dasntn said…
very uplifting!

For me, it's mostly a case of "Welcome to my world". I haven't been able to leave my wife alone for a number of years, so we have been staying in quite a lot. But I do miss the trips out for tea and cake (although my waistline probably doesn't!). We go out for very short walks but that seems to make her very unsettled, so we come home.

What I miss most is the one or two times a week when family or the carer would sit with Catriona, and I could go out and play music in a band. But now it's not specifically because of my situation (which was always a limiting factor before), it's now the same for everyone, and in a way that also takes off some of the pressure I think I put on myself BV (Before Virus)
Jane said…
I think you're right David, the fact that everyone is in the same boat does make a difference. That feeling of being 'other' has gone away and no-one asks 'so what have you been doing?' with an expectation of a really interesting answer because their social life will have been just like yours, mine and everyone else's. Maybe also we're coping better with this because it's not new to us and for me looking on it as a learning experience ready for the future has really helped.

stay well and keep in touch.