The heading refers to the TVs in the house and nothing deeper than that.  Yesterday was retuning day (across the country I think but definitely in this area) and once upon a time that would, like everything else I've begun to realise, be Ash's job.  He would have noticed the message that flashed up every time he turned the tv on and I would have come home from work yesterday to find all three retuned and ready for action.  This time the message which has flashed up on a daily basis for the past two or three weeks has taken him by surprise every time and he's come through to tell me about it mentioning each time that we mustn't forget to do it.  Yesterday, once we were home from overheating in the supermarket (see yesterday's post if you have no idea what I'm talking about), he switched on to watch the news and then came through in a panic because he couldn't find any of the instruction books to tell him what to do.  This is actually the third time (at least) I've had to do the job but for obvious reasons he's forgotten so I glow in unashamed pleasure of his admiration for my new found skills.  The great thing is that each time I have to do it I get quicker and each time Ash's admiration of me grows stronger so it seems that, in the same way I can answer questions on Pointless and The Chase more quickly now than ever before, this is one of those benefits of living alongside dementia that I mention from time to time.  The only thing I'm a little concerned of is that one of these days I'll take on board his opinion of me and actually believe it.

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