Self esteem is essential to quality of life

I had a lovely email conversation with the 6 year old's mum this morning.  I'd told her about the magic dust he'd spread during his visit and she said that he loves coming to stay because, in his words, 'Grumps knows everything' and this explains it all.  The grown ups around him, and certainly those who've known him a long time, notice what Ash has forgotten whereas the 6 year old just thinks he knows everything.   Ash subconsciously recognises both of those view points and as a result he's hesitant in the adult world but grows so much in confidence and self esteem in the little one's world.  The problem is that I'm never sure what he's forgotten and what he still remembers, I never know what he's capable of doing and what he'd rather leave to me and to add to that confusion these things change on a daily basis so the only thing to do is watch and try to judge when's a good time to ask and when it's best to get on and do it myself.  Yet another reason I'm permanently exhausted but when I get it right we both feel very proud of ourselves albeit for very different reasons.

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