Still cold

Still no heating but have the promise (from our wonderful plumber) that the part will arrive and be in place on Friday morning then it's just a boiler service and who knows, with an almost rebuilt system, we might be in for a period of calm.  Also though still a feeling of being in this together which is something I haven't seen for a while so not all bad.

And so on to another event in my life.  Yesterday I spoke to Laura Kelly who is a student at Liverpool University.  She's in her third year and is doing a study on how 'spousal dementia carers' (I'm not sure about this term but it's not the worst thing I've been called) can develop resilience while caring for loved ones living with dementia.  No idea how long I was on the phone because, as you've probably gathered, I have quite a lot to say on the subject but Laura listened, asked questions, gave me time to breathe when I needed to and also let me ramble on to my heart's content.  It was a very therapeutic experience for me and hopefully helped with her study of the subject.  At one point she did say she'd never talked to anyone with quite my attitude which I took as a compliment of course.  If you think you can help Laura and would also love the opportunity to tell your side of the story then you can email her at  I promise it's not scary and could prove to be a very worthwhile exercise.

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dasntn said…
That study sounds interesting, I think I will contact Laura. Thanks for the info!

Jane said…
Think that would be brilliant David. Anything that helps those of us left behind has to be good.