The magic of a 6 year old.

The 6 year old arrived yesterday tea time bringing magic dust in his wake and, as always when he's around, life has tilted towards 'normal' for a short while.  Conversation through tea and up to bed time ranged from Corona Virus and what happens if school closes (he has school work to do) to hand washing and the importance of it (although judging by the black fingers he hasn't quite got the hang of that) to Unicorns and where to look for them just in case they're real.  At bath time conversation with Ash turned to Geysers:  what they are, how they work and where to find them and I was treated to a demonstration which put water across the bathroom, an event which caused great hilarity on the part of the 'boys' and it's so nice to see a smile on Ash's face that a wet bathroom is a small price to pay.  Now there's a plan in place to go and see some geysers for real when he's 20 as apparently he has to be quite old to go that far.  So that was last night but you'll be pleased to know I'm sure that the light is still in the house this morning with smiles all round and the magic can still be seen in every corner.

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