There's always a way

I've realised over the past couple of days that the time since Ash's diagnosis has been preparation for self isolating and that can be nothing but a good thing.  Since that awful day we seem to have withdrawn further and further into ourselves at least as a couple and I'm now finding that there really aren't many changes we need to make to our lives in order to comply with what we're being asked to do.  Our joint social life had already dwindled to almost nothing so no change needed there, our village is rarely busy so no need to avoid people when out and even my lunches with friends I've discovered don't need to stop right now they just need to change.  Yesterday I was supposed to be meeting up with a couple of friends for our bi-monthly lunch date and we wondered whether to cancel (whereas my mum is safe in her care home theirs are both almost as elderly but living at home so they obviously need to be careful).  So we thought of cancelling but then came up with a completely different plan, donned our walking gear and set out into the wolds, side by side but separate.  We took a picnic, ate it in a local church which provided shelter from the rain as well as facilities to make hot drinks and had a lovely time.  We caught up on (non-corona virus) news, got exercise and fresh air, put the world to rights and have planned another trip just like it for six weeks time.  So we may have to self isolate but if we think outside the box we might find that in some ways, and for some of us, it's not the end of the world.  And yes I do know this isn't an option for everyone but it is worth I think considering whether, with a few changes, life can continue to be good. 

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Lesley said…
We're similar - been trying to stop Rob self-isolating for the past six years but will give that up for the foreseeable!