Why didn't I just say 'OK'?

Yesterday tea time we went into a downward spiral of discussion not helped by the fact that I'd been to see the film 'Military Wives'.  Top tip - don't go if you're feeling emotional or, if you do, either go on your own or with someone who'll cry as much as you do (something that, luckily, I did).  Anyway got home still feeling emotional to find Ash had been out for a drive in his truck  and then we got into a totally avoidable (on my part) circular conversation about how he didn't need diesel right that minute.  Should just have said 'ok, let's go and get some' which would of course have been my advice to anyone else but I was tired and really didn't want the 10 mile round trip to get it and so decided to explain that it could wait until next week.  We went round and round and round until we managed to agree to drop the subject but then to make matters worse I went out to look and, because he'd been out, he did indeed need diesel in order to get it to the garage this morning for its airbag recall!  On the bright side when I had to say, just before we set off, 'you need diesel' he had no recollection of yesterday's heated discussion so I didn't look totally stupid and once again I found a small benefit of living alongside dementia.

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