You can't keep a good woman down

As you'll have noticed if you read the post yesterday was a really bad day.  I don't have them often but when I do I feel as though I've been punched in the stomach and I don't know which way to turn which I'm sure is something that many people feel in their journey through dementia.  However today is another day and you'll be pleased to know that I feel like a brand new person.  In case you were wondering I don't think this change is down to any one thing (although messages from friends absolutely helped) but there was a definite turning point when I messaged my Monday walking friend this morning to say 'well that's it then.  See you on the other side of this' and she said 'at least we'll have time to plan new walks' and that was it, my eureka moment.  We're now going to buy red pens (a necessity if ever there was one) along with our food supplies, work out walks and draw them onto our respective maps then when we finally get to meet up again we'll compare what we've chosen and start notching them up.  So that's something to do and something to look forward to all in one fell swoop! 

In other news something interesting happened yesterday evening.  Ash had been absolutely foul all day, snapping at me, arguing and being generally so unlike his old self that I was in despair but as soon as Boris told us in no uncertain terms to stay home all of that stopped.  Up to now he hasn't seemed fazed by anything that's happened about the virus and has just shown an interest in the news that's been coming out but yesterday I think all the uncertainty got to him.  The news then, with it's uncompromising message of 'stay at home', gave him the boundaries he needed and he felt he knew without question what he had to do.  Another reminder of the importance of certainty in the lives of those living with dementia.

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