A programme of events

Now into the second week of lock down in the UK and how's it going for all of you?  I find that I can fritter my time away even more easily than usual and as long as each day I can get out on my own, can chat to friends and/or do a little bit of something extra I'm quite happy.  Having something to look forward to is the key I think so planning something 'new' however small is brilliant for taking my mind of everything and anything that's difficult.  It may be that the dementia which lives in this house is catching but I'm going to struggle to think back past last Friday so we'll have to go from there when I spent the evening watching 'Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat' on Youtube  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdmPjhKMaXNNeCr1FjuMvag  It was the first of a series of Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals being released on a Friday night with each one available for the next two days and it was wonderful.  While Ash was engrossed in The Chase I happily immersed myself in the colour and spectacle of this amazing musical at the same time wondering what was going on in ALW's head when he wrote it.  I've seen it on stage but a very long time ago so couldn't remember much about it other than the Elvis lookalike (!!!!!) and it was even more glorious than I remembered.  So that was Friday's treat;  Saturday's was my long walk along country lanes that I haven't ventured down for around thirty years; yesterday I spent the afternoon weeding in the garden while listening to Coronacast on BBC Sounds  https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/series/p05299nl.  If you haven't heard it yet I can highly recommend it.  There is a podcast each day discussing what's happening in the country and around the world but they also have a guest to liven things up.  The one I listened to was from last Friday (when I was watching 'Joseph' remember) and included Alexander Armstrong with a Coronavirus Pointless quiz.  Slightly random but quite fascinating; and then we come to today when I had a long video chat with two friends during which I somehow found myself promising to watch a Shakespeare play  https://www.shakespearesglobe.com/watch/.  They've promised me that if I watch one from the list they've given me I won't be disappointed but I'm not entirely convinced.  Watch this space to see how I get on.  Also this afternoon I've spoken to my mum through a facebook portal video chat which was great and it was lovely to see that, in the midst of all this, she still looked her usual immaculate self.  I just wish I'd inherited some of her dress sense!

So I'm keeping myself occupied and, most of the time, am quite happy in my own little world but to keep that up I do need to plan those little treats and wonder if you're doing something similar.  It would be great to think you are.

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dasntn said…
Hi Jane

you are so right! Having a little treat planned makes the day go so much better. For me these can be as mundane as going to the supermarket (which I now have to do alone, and so is more relaxed, even with the distancing), or even gardening (I am NOT a gardener, but attacking growing things with clippers is strangely satisfying!).
And I am spending quite a lot of time playing and writing music (and sometimes feeling guilty of course)

Take care

Jane said…
I recognise both the solo supermarket trips (MUCH more relaxing) and attacking plants in the garden with clippers. I also love using the loppers but think I've lopped everything that needs it now so may have to wait until next year. I have to admit I rarely feel guilty. Ash's life is as good as I can possibly make it and i'm content with that as is he (most of the time). Even when I get it wrong I can usually retrieve the situation so he's never unsettled for long. would be good to hear any new songs.