Changes may be afoot

Not quite sure if these are individual 'one-offs' or whether there is magic in the air but two things have happened this week that have stopped me in my tracks.  Ash has become a man of habit, not the reckless, fun-loving husband of old but someone prone to anxiety, to fretting about anything and everything, to having a need to feel safe at all times, only this week has been a little different.  First there was the day he sat in the sunshine barefoot which is something he hasn't done for at least two years.  Once upon a time it would be hard to find him wearing shoes unless he was at work;  the soles of his feet were like leather and he could walk over gravel, along farm tracks, just about anywhere, without needing footwear but since dementia arrived in his life the need for socks and shoes has been constant.  Not this week though or at least not on that one day.  Then today we got to lunch time and he discovered he'd forgotten make up his usual bowl of sandwich mix which is the staple point to the middle of his day.  The bowl sits in the fridge and every day he fills a sandwich from it mainly, I think. so he doesn't have to make a decision about what to eat.  Today the bowl sat empty but instead of rushing around to create more filling Ash made himself a bacon sandwich.  As I say, I'm not sure if this is sign of things to come or whether life will settle back down to it's normal humdrum routine but I'm keeping an eye out for other cracks in the armour of dementia and will let you know if I see any chinks.

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