Changing your perspective

I've always disliked doing linear walks, those where you walk in one direction for a length of time and then turn round and walk all the way back again.  They've always seemed pointless and it was with great joy that a few months ago I discovered numerous circular walks to do with friends.  Those walks however almost all require driving to and so are off limits right now.  I've found a few close to home which, with a little ingenuity, have become circular but this morning decided on a walk which would be linear but give me spectacular views in the sunshine.  We'd had a very bad start to the morning involving a misunderstanding over fence paint and things got a little fraught so, with a need to escape somewhere with very little thought involved, this route was perfect.  I walked in the sunshine, listening (when there was a signal) to my favourite, positive DJ on the breakfast show and marvelled at the views over the fields.  I walked for 40 minutes before turning around to come home and as the walk continued I realised that the views were completely different and my whole thinking around linear walks changed in a instant.  Walking one way then turning round and walking back gave me a whole different perspective on what I was seeing and turned it into a different walk entirely.  And that I think is a great way to live.  If the life you have isn't the one you want then either make changes to it or change the way you look at it.  Either one will be just fine but you need to do at least one of them.

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