Easter Sunday - just lovely

I nearly didn't write this post, almost gave it a miss, because I was having such a wonderful, relaxing time making the most of the sunshine.  First thing this morning I went out on yet another exploration of the back lanes around the village and ended up out walking for nearly two hours during which time I met a total of five people.  Other than that it was just me, the sunshine and peace and quiet.  Am really hoping that I can keep this up and then I'll be slim, suntanned and fit by the end of the lockdown.  In fact maybe even a whole new me (who says you can't reinvent yourself?).  So that was first thing then it was back for coffee, radio and a book which took me up to lunch time, then a spot of gardening before heading inside to watch 'Jesus Christ, Superstar' which I've never seen before and which I thought would take me to tea time hence no time to write this blog post.  'Jesus Christ, Superstar' however was a production I couldn't get my head around and I gave up after twenty minutes so here you have an almost blow by blow account of my day instead.  In some ways it seems very wrong to be having such a relaxing time when there is a huge crisis going on in the outside world but I can't quite believe the difference this is making to Ash.  There were teething problems at the beginning of the lockdown (and ups and downs along the way) but as we move further through it I can really see how much the lack of stress is helping him.  There's nothing to do and nowhere to go but not only that everyone's in the same boat so no-one is going to say 'what have you been up to?' with any expectation whatsoever of an interesting answer and so he doesn't feel different to those around him.  All of that means that jobs which in the recent past have overwhelmed him are getting done without me having to even think about them and as a result the pile of pallets that have been at the side of the house for years have been dismantled and moved, logs have been split, the lawn's been mowed, the fences have been painted and he's feeling pretty good about himself which in turn boost his self esteem which in turn means he can do more jobs and on and on it goes.  I realise that not everyone is this lucky but, after the stresses and strains of the past few years, I'm counting my blessings.

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dasntn said…
Wonderful that Ash is able to do so much more because he relaxed. A lesson for us all!

My daughter now understand why I often don't know what day of the week it is. It's one of the standard memory test questions, but when you're not out and about following a diaried agenda, who knows what day it is!

Jane said…
Can't quite believe it but we have logs split, a flower bed dug over, a wood yard tidied and it takes a superhuman effort from me to remember that dementia lurks in every corner. Most definitely a lesson learned.