Evidence of a personality change

Since the beginning of all this I've felt myself changing beyond anything I thought was possible.  Not right at the beginning actually but certainly since I discovered that how I behaved made a difference to how well Ash could function which was approximately three months after his diagnosis.  For those initial three months I thought I would carry on being me while he sank without trace but  gradually I learned that if I was calm and collected around him (definitely not my personality at the time and, possibly, not even now if I'm honest) he was also calm, if I was full of smiles he was happier and so it went on until eventually it wasn't so much an act but more a way of life and the funny thing was that I felt better within myself which, I think, made me better company for those around me.   So what's made me think of this?  What evidence is there that I'm a completely different person now to the one I used to be?  On the larger scale there's the fact that this lockdown hasn't been the end of the world, that I've taken in my stride that we spend six days out of seven at home together with very few irritations;  on the medium scale I've realised that I can listen to the water feature the other side of the hedge and love the sound rather than be irritated by the noise and, on the very small scale, I can now hang the washing out using non matching pegs and this morning I cleaned my computer screen!!!  What more evidence do you need?

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