Lawn mowing

Among all the dreadful things happening in the world at the moment is one tiny unintended consequence which is driving me crazy.  We don't have a large lawn but we do have one which requires mowing and until last year that was Ash's job (along with numerous other life 'stuff' which had totally passed me by it seems).  Then last summer there were a number of times when the grass was getting long but Ash didn't seem to notice and there was a balancing act of dropping the subject into the conversation hoping he'd pick it up and run with it at the same time as nudging his memory and hoping he wouldn't get cross with me for mentioning it and finally suggesting I mow it myself.  Every so often he would agree to this last with an enthusiasm that would have been unheard of in the past because I was rarely trusted to get the lines straight which was apparently a very important feature of a newly mown lawn.  Now Ash loves his lawn mower, it's one he used for mowing the church field in front of the house and, consequently, is too big for our much smaller garden but it was ok because he knew how to use it.  I on the other hand wrestle the machine out of the shed and onto the lawn, pull and pull on the cord to get it going and then let the throttle out.  At that point, because it's too big for me, I invariably end up across the lawn and in the middle of a flower bed.  Last year when that happened Ash would gaze at me totally unconcerned as I extricated myself from the plants and manhandled myself and mower back onto the grass and then started the process all over again.  One time he watched me do this again and again and his only comment was to note that those lines really weren't straight which saw a massive effort on my part to hold my tongue and carry on.  So what is the tiny unintended consequence of the lockdown which is driving me crazy?  Locked away in my mum's garage is a much smaller, battery mower which would be just perfect for me and I can't get to it.  I'd thought of bringing it over before but wasn't sure how Ash would react if he felt I was taking yet another job away from him so I left it where it was then, when I mentioned it a few weeks ago (and this is a perfect example of how much has changed in our lives), he thought it was a brilliant idea as it would make life so much easier for me(!!!) but then the lockdown came into force and now I'm here and that lovely little mower is 40 miles away and the grass is getting longer and longer while I put off wrestling with that big machine.

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dasntn said…
Our grass was never in great condition, and has lots of daisies and dandelions in it (and other bigger things) - but I now let it grow and flower, so that it feeds the bees (that's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it!)

Jane said…
It sounds lovely and if I could I would but my Libran personality likes it to look neat and tidy and, on top of that, Ash has kept it immaculate for the past 35 years so I'm obviously conditioned to seeing it looking perfect. Also I think it's yet another challenge to overcome.