Staying fit in difficult times

I've always been the unfit one in this family and while Ash and Jake were out running, playing football, tramping through the hills, balancing on body boards/surf boards/windsurfers etc I much preferred sitting at home with a good book (not any old book you understand, life's too short to read a bad book).  Every so often I would be persuaded to join them so I did go walking, I did get my bike out, I did ski and I did swim but if I was perfectly honest I was much more at home with a book in my hand and that's how life was for years and years.  Recently however you might have noticed that I've started to get out in the fresh air and my twice weekly walks in the Lincolnshire Wolds have saved my sanity.  I've been able to escape (both physically and mentally), to have thoughts on subjects other than dementia, I've got to the point where I can climb a small hill without getting out of breath, I've looked forward each week to discovering a new footpath or a new perspective on life or a view and it was all going great guns until Coronavirus appeared in our lives and suddenly it looked as though it was all going to come to an abrupt halt.  I was briefly despondent but quickly decided there must be another way to get both the exercise and the head space so I came up with a plan.  Some things had caught my attention and I just needed to work out the when and the how which really wasn't difficult when I put my mind to it so last week I started joining Joe Wicks each morning to do his children's PE session and in the afternoons I took the dog for a very long walk.   Last week it all worked brilliantly but this week I've discovered I'm fed up of aching all over from the 'children's' PE sessions and Ash has decided to join me on my afternoon walks so am now looking for another plan which, once again, will give me exercise and head space.  Come back tomorrow to see how I'm doing.

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