Supporting each other

The facebook page is up and running and has followers which I'm very excited about so now we just have to make sure not only that people hear about it but that it's used in the right way.  I'd really like people to ask questions and to share positive tips if someone asks what they should do.  A long time ago I was reading through threads on a particularly dreadful forum when someone said she was bored with the endless repeats of programmes her husband insisted on watching and what could she do?  Unbelievably one of the replies was from a lady in a similar position who had just banned those particular programmes in her house and even more unbelievably no-one challenged that particular idea.  And there you have an example of the type of thing I really don't want to see on our forum.  Positive ideas and suggestions are the way forward here and, even more importantly, ideas and suggestions from those living with dementia would be very welcome.  They're the experts and they will know what we can do to make life easier for others in their situation which in turn will make our lives better too.  I've also read, you see, comments from those living with dementia who've been hurt by what they've read on forums and I'd really love it if this could become a positive place for us all.  So let's spread the word and see what we can do to make this idea of mine a reality.

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