The peace and quiet is ongoing

I know many people living alongside, and with, dementia are struggling with this lockdown.  There's nowhere to go, nothing to do and no-one to talk to and that can make life difficult but in this house, at this moment in time, I almost have my husband back.  He's not quite the same as the old one, that spark is still missing and the vitality is long gone but he's started talking to me again and that helps.  We don't have the conversations we had in the past but he comes to tell me things that he's heard on the tv, things he's seen in the garden and thoughts he's had about one thing or another and although sometimes he can't get the words out it doesn't seem to bother him.  He's also started making jokes again and not only that but understanding things I've seen on facebook that have made me smile and life is pretty good right now.  I still go on my walks but whereas in the past I would have to leave a note next to the kettle telling him where I'd gone and how long I'd be out (and make sure I wasn't even a second late home) now it doesn't seem to matter.  My car's still parked outside the house so I can't have gone far and that's all he needs to know.  I really do think that this is the way forward for us and I wonder how many other people are having the same thoughts; how many of us are thinking about changes we're going to make to our lives and how many of us will come out of this changed for the better.  Of course there are negatives and of course some people are having a horrific time (friends included, just so you know I don't exist in a complete bubble) but I think that there are definitely positives to our situation and I now need to focus on those before working out how to carry them forward and build on them.

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dasntn said…

I think it shows that keeping things simple and undemanding are the ways to a better time for people suffering with dementia, and sometimes we can forget that.

all the best
Jane said…
I think also that if we keep things simple and undemanding life and make life better for life becomes better for us too.