A new me?

As most of the world remains in lockdown many, many people are talking about what our lives will be like when we've returned to some semblance of normality.  Will we still think nothing of jetting off across the world? Will we still be eating out?  Will all that home baking grind to a halt?  So many questions as we consider what we're living through and how but that has made me think about what I'll be like when I'm on the other side of this dementia affected life and I wondered if anyone else has considered how different they'll be.  Already I'm not the person I was. I'm far more confident and comfortable in my own skin; I'm more patient than I ever was before; I'm more willing to make decisions by myself; I'm far less selfish than I was; I'm able to face any dilemma with a commitment I didn't know I had and, most importantly, I'm able to face a life on my own without fear rising from my very depths.  What intrigues me though is how much of this new me will remain 'afterwards'.  I've become this person out of sheer necessity which is lucky as the old me really wouldn't have coped with the situation she found herself in and I quite like the new me but how much of her will remain when those strengths are no longer needed with such intensity?  It'll be interesting to find out.

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dasntn said…
I'm guessing pretty much all of it! Once you have found the strength within you, why should it then be lost?

Stay strong!

Jane said…
That's true but sometimes I need a purpose or a reason to keep me on track. It's one of the reasons I gave up sugar completely. If I even get a sniff of an Easter egg I fear all my resolutions will disappear into the ether!