Coffee with friends in a new world

In this new world of social distancing it's all too easy to retreat behind closed doors especially, as in our case, when the one living with dementia is finding life much easier with fewer social interactions but it's really not healthy to live a life confined to just the two of us.  And so there are the weekly get-togethers, the video chats with different groups of friends in different parts of the country/world as well as with friends right here in the village.  You'd think that with lockdown, and that all important social distancing, coffee mornings would be a thing of the past but a group of us have been video chatting, coffee in hand, since the beginning of all this and then last week we decided to work out a way of getting together while still obeying the government guidelines.  You'll be pleased to know I'm sure that we managed it.  We each took our own chairs, coffees and snacks then sat with two on the pavement and two on the road and managed to chat undisturbed for over an hour.  It wasn't particularly warm but we had coats, thermals and rugs too so it was ok.  This morning we did it again but this time there were six of us and we didn't need the coats, thermals and rugs, instead we sat in the sunshine completely socially distant while Ash was at home safe in the knowledge that the car was still outside the house and therefore I hadn't gone far.  Think this may be a way forward.  I get out of the house and he knows I haven't gone far.  That must be a win:win in anyone's book.

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