Friends lighten the load

Bad day today almost from the minute we woke up and a fog descended on my brain which I couldn't seem to shake off.  Do you know that feeling?  That notion that things could be so much better but you don't know how to move forward?  Luckily relief came in the form of a video chat with friends where there were other topics on offer and things to make us laugh so, for an hour of my morning, life was almost normal.  One thing I'm quite proud of is getting Ash into the habit of coming with me for a decent walk every afternoon.  There's no conversation of course but, after managing to coax him around that first walk last week, he now comes without hesitation and without a shred of anxiety in sight although that last is only as long as we stick to roads and as long as, in his mind, the walk doesn't last longer than an hour.  The result of all this is that we're doing something together every day and we're keeping fit, as is the dog I might add! The walk this afternoon took us an hour and a half almost every step of which was in silence but the sun was out, there was hardly any traffic and we could hear the bird song so, all in all, things could be worse.  Still have the brain fog but it's not quite as bad as it was and I have high hopes for later on when I can put my headphones on and listen to music.

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