Garden construction

As you know I'm quite a newby to gardening and, for the first time ever, I've not only planted tomatoes but also committed to keeping them alive.  Only two plants so not overdoing it for a first attempt but I've been really pleased with the way they seem to be growing and I glow with pride each night when I'm watering and I see they've crept up in height just that little bit further.  Then this morning I go out to inspect them (in fact I may even be getting a little obsessed with the height bit) only to find that something's been pecking at the compost.  One of the plants is almost horizontal and compost is everywhere.  I looked at the mess and then did what I've always done in the past and went to find Ash.  He came out, looked and then we discussed what was needed to protect the greenery from the birds.  Next he went off to see what he could find to make some sort of a frame and I waited for him to wave his magic wand and produce the perfect solution.  Only he didn't.  He returned from his search with the top from an old coffee table and stood scratching his head while he tried to work out to do and he stood there and he stood there but there was obviously nothing coming to mind.  For a moment I had a little wobble and was just a tiny bit frightened that this was obviously not just another skill lost but, for me, yet another responsibility to assume then I put my shoulders back, got in the car, went to the garden centre (newly reopened) and bought some bird netting.  Set to when I got back and we now have fully protected tomato plants.  The structure may not be as neat as one Ash would have made, it may not be perfect for the job but it's in place, it'll do and I'm once again feeling proud of myself for not being beaten.

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