The past three days have been lovely as you've probably been able to tell but then came this morning and all was not well from the moment Ash drew back the curtains.  I sometimes feel I should know by now what the triggers are that pull him down into the depths and add confusion to his life for good measure because if I can learn what they are I can try and avoid them and sometimes I do.  I've learnt not to overload him with conversation; I don't suggest he does more than one thing at a time; I try to remember not to ask him questions and I always make sure his favourite programmes are on the tv when he needs them (if they're not available in 'real time' I've discovered that I can plug the laptop into the tv and find old episodes of The Chase or Pointless for him to watch).  So I do all of that and most of the time it works but this morning it was sheep and that took me totally by surprise.  Our bedroom overlooks a field and usually at this time of year that field is inhabited by cows which makes it a pain for dog walking but is a lovely sight to wake up to.  A week ago however, and for the first time in my memory, sheep appeared in place of the usual cows and that has created more than a little interest where Ash is concerned.  None of it has been a problem in any way, shape or form but this morning he opened the curtains and the sheep were nowhere to be seen.  I went downstairs to make tea, brought the mugs up as usual and still no sheep.  Drank the tea but still no sheep and by this time Ash was up and looking out of the window trying to work out where they were.  It was another half an hour before they wandered into view, munching on the grass and with no idea what consternation they'd caused or any idea that the consternation would continue for at least another couple of hours.  Breakfast was eaten in silence, a  brief foray to buy milk was completed in silence and the dog had been for three walks by 10.30 which is always a good indication that Ash is in a state of turmoil and confusion.  Luckily for both of us I had a video chat planned with three friends which took my mind off it all but interestingly that hour alone seemed to give him time to clear his thoughts and by the time my chat was over so were his difficulties of the day and we were back on track.  So what I've realised here is that it is absolutely impossible for me to cover every eventuality, that there will always be something to take me by surprise but who would have guessed that the something today would have been SHEEP!

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