The lockdown as a learning opportunity

I've learnt some useful things about Ash in this lockdown partly due to being in close proximity to him all day, every day and partly due to our slower pace of life.  I've watched what he does and I've had time to work out why.

I've learnt that he now prefers to walk along lanes instead of country footpaths and I think that's because he knows exactly where he is at any given time whereas I'm quite likely to get us lost on footpaths which makes him nervous.

I've learnt that he'll walk any distance as long as he thinks it won't take any longer than an hour and a half.  If he thinks we're going to be out longer than that he wants to turn back after ten minutes because it's too far.

I've learnt that his knee doesn't hurt if we walk on lanes for no longer (in his mind) than an hour and a half.   If we walk on footpaths and he's not entirely sure where we are his knee begins to hurt.

I've learnt that he's comfortable with me spending a couple of hours on the computer as long as he's seen me gardening or cleaning at some point during the day (no idea, don't ask).  If neither of those things have happened he comes in and out of the office to see what I'm doing until I give up.

I've learnt that he will wash up in an evening as long as there aren't too many pots.  If the piles are teetering on the edge of the worktop he fills the sink with water and then walks away and leaves them.

I've learnt that one of the best things I can do is to start a job in the garden and not do it properly.  Finishing it off and showing me how it should be done is the best tonic for his self-esteem there is.

This list obviously isn't exhaustive but it is an insight into the changes I can make/have made which make life easier for both of us and the lockdown has played a huge part in it all.  The only drawback is that because I've worked out how to get him involved in long walks again those periods of peace and quiet that I used to enjoy have disappeared as now we go out together but at least I know how to get the washing up done!

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