The rickety table - an update

Those of us who live alongside dementia or care for those with dementia know that self esteem is the key to everything.  If your loved one feels good about him/herself then all is right in their world and, conversely, if we fail to boost that self esteem everything very quickly comes crashing down and nowhere can this be seen more clearly that with the rickety table Ash fixed to the back wall to support the hose pipe.  As I said when it first went up, it's not the best thing he's ever created, it's not level, the legs don't match (they're not even standing at the same angle) and there are pieces of wood sticking out everywhere but he's so proud of it.  It's been admired from every angle, I've been called outside at least once a day to comment on it and it's done two jobs perfectly.  It's the perfect place to stand the hosepipe and it's boosted Ash's self esteem to the highest point it's been in years.  What I didn't realise though is that his main reason for creating this masterpiece was so that I could reel in the hosepipe all by myself every night when I've finished watering the garden instead of calling on him to do it.  It's a good job I've decided that the way through all of this is laughter.

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Madison White said…
I like everything about this post: the symbolism, the love, the creation of a tool for another's use.
Tehachap said…
It reminds me that life is like a river and it continues to flow -- sometimes we need to allow things to just float on by, especially if it's a negative. Your husband was thinking of you when he made the table, and that in itself is a gift, no matter what the condition of the table is. Blessings to you both.