VE Day celebrations

It's been a difficult week which culminated in a very, very bad day on Thursday hence no blog post.  However yesterday was absolutely lovely and the only reason that once again there was a post missing was that I ran out of time and that is never a bad thing.  Great video chat in the morning with two of my oldest friends who never fail to make me laugh out loud however bad I'm feeling, followed by a spot of gardening/weeding then up to the road to raise a mug of tea in memory of those who sacrificed themselves in WWII.  Ash joined in with the toast and the mug raising and I even put a dress on for the occasion.  Luckily the village is very spread out and not too many people to shock with the rare occurrence of me wearing something other than black trousers and black vest top so events went very smoothly.  After the toast we moved down the village to chat from a distance to friends we haven't seen for ages and it was all so jolly and relaxed that Ash stayed out for over an hour.  He also took loads of photos which reminded us all of when he used to be unofficial photographer at all the village events and was a bit of a blast from the past.  So a really good day when nothing bad happened, neither of us shouted and all was calm.  An excellent end to a trying period and followed today by more gardening in the sunshine.  Lovely.

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