What makes you smile?

Have spent a lovely afternoon with friends drinking a socially distanced cup of tea in their garden and putting the world to rights.  We haven't seen each other since the beginning of lockdown so there were a number of topics to be covered but one thing we talked about was houses and whether to go with a sensible, forever house which will last into old age or an exciting one which fills the heart with joy and brings a smile whenever it's thought of.  Can you guess which one I preferred?  Having taken on board the sensible options in life over the past few years I've realised recently that life is short and there may be a chunk of it when fun isn't an option so it seems to me that the only way forward for all of us at this very moment is to grab all the joy we can find, hold it tightly and make the most of it.  Of course there are many aspects of this dementia affected life that aren't fun and can't be but it doesn't mean that there aren't moments of pure joy somewhere if I look hard enough and, sometimes, those moments are right in front of me and all I have to do is notice them.  So my aim now is to keep an eye out for moments of delight, reasons to smile and occasions to laugh, take those on board and fill my life with them because who knows what the future holds.

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