Life not quite as we know it

The 6 year old's still with us so life's a bit full on, lovely of course but this visit isn't quite like previous visits as far as Ash is concerned.  It's not that he doesn't like having the little one here, it's not that he's not interested in what's happening, it's just that there's less enthusiasm to join in with it all.  In the past, even after dementia began its invasion, there was always something for Ash to instruct on, somewhere for him show the way and something for him to create following a specific request.  This time there's been more focus on the dog and less on the 6 year old which feels just a little odd.  We're left to our own devices more and this afternoon in particular, when invited to come on a stick hunt, he said he thought he'd stay at home.  Luckily some rituals, like bath time which he's always been in charge of and an evening meal with the three of us around the dinner table, stay the same at least for now but I can see the way things are going and if I'm not careful I can find it quite sad.  However it's completely impossible to be sad for long when in the company of a 6 year old with the widest smile you've ever seen which is why I'm spending as much time as possible in his company.  Oh, and just in case you're interested, this morning we baked cheese scones while this afternoon we made apple pie before going out collecting sticks to put on the woodpile ready for the winter and in between was a spot of weeding in the garden.  How exhausted do you think I'm going to be by Thursday afternoon?

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Anonymous said…
Try not to be sad, live in the moment with the 6 year old and lay down those rituals and memories. The bond will always be there, children remember how adults made them feel and hopefully he will remember how much Grumps taught him when he could ❤
Frank said…
I've often wondered, Do we choose our next thought? If that's so, no one should experience anger, depression and much of the other stuff. There must be so disconnect.