Not quite exhausted

We've just taken the 6 year old home and are settling back into some sort of normality for a week at least.  I'm not quite exhausted from it all but will certainly be in bed early tonight so this is a quick post just because I wanted to tell you about two new achievements that I'm very proud of.  The first is the lawn.  You may remember that I was in despair because Ash's huge mower dragged me into the flower bed the minute I let the clutch out so I kept persuading him to cut the grass but, whereas once upon a time that would have resulted in neat edges and perfect stripes, now it results in something close to zig zags with tufts of grass left between those wavy parts.  So I put up with the zig zags until I could get mum's lightweight lawn mower over here and have now been using that for the last four weeks, including yesterday, with the result that we have a very neat lawn which i admire on a regular basis and all without the weekly trip into the flower bed.

So that's the first of my latest achievements but the second came this morning when I managed a shopping trip with both Ash and the 6 year old in tow.  I had no idea how it would go but we went along armed with masks for the two grown ups, a shopping list in hand and a mission to keep all as calm as possible and it worked.  We used two supermarkets, Ash was in charge of the list, the 6 year old was in charge of the trolley and we made quite a smooth operating team at the checkout.  If only all our shopping trips were as easy as that one.

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