One small comment changes our world yet again.

You'll know, if you've been following this blog for even a short time, that Ash used to be the DIY king.  No job was too small for him to do or too big for him to attempt but now he eyes up issues nervously and turns his back on them wherever possible.  Mostly that's not a problem; firstly, in his place there's me as I find more and more jobs I'm willing to tackle, then there's Jake who assured me at the weekend that he can replace the felt on the summer house roof and fix the dripping overflow in the loft (as long as I tell him what to look for) and then there are friends and neighbours who will help if I ask them, so all is not lost it's just that life looks so different from the way it used to.  At the weekend a friend in the village gave us a wooden cable drum which I really wanted as a table for the patio.  Jake fetched it for us, Ash and I went excitedly outside to watch as it was carried through the garden and then Ash went to fetch the can of black fence paint he keeps in the shed.  He took the lid off and decided there was enough left for this very job before asking what Jake and I thought.  We agreed there was just the right amount and he put it away saying he'd start 'tomorrow'.  'Tomorrow' arrived yesterday and the paint came out again but he would, he decided, start it after lunch.  After lunch came and he decided he'd leave it until today.  Today has arrived and the cable drum sat on the patio waiting for attention from somebody, anybody, but nothing was said about it until I wandered through and said casually 'I think I might paint that cable drum this afternoon'.  The reply came 'Oh that's a good idea, have you looked to see if we've got enough paint for it?'.  I should be used to this by now but it still takes me by surprise every time.  However I'm discovering that strength comes in being able to move forward one step at a time.

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Tehachap said…
Oh my... I am sooo familiar with this situation. So painful to live through. I'm right there with you. Hugs... Carol (aka Tehachap)
Frank said…
There is no good spin for a truth that hits you in the face. It's shocking.