Sometimes you just can't fix it

This morning we didn't have a good start to the day.  It was one of those mornings where Ash woke up and then lay rigid in bed not seeming to know what to do with himself.  As usual I went downstairs to make the tea and, as usual, when I got back upstairs he'd opened the curtains.  Unusually however he was laid completely still and on his side right on the edge of the bed with his eyes open.  I put the tea down at the side of him but with no acknowledgement from him and still no movement either.  This was a little concerning and once upon a time I would have worried about it, questioned what was going on and been fearful for the rest of the day.  Nowadays however I have become a little more selfish and I realised I wasn't quite awake enough to deal with the problem, whatever it may be, so climbed back into bed to think of book writing, podcast recording and my future.  When I'd finished with all that I offered to make another cup of tea but Ash announced that he was getting up which, again, didn't bode well for the rest of the day.  I still wasn't ready to deal with it though so just agreed and went downstairs and waited for him to emerge.  And now we come to the whole point of this post.  When he finally arrived, fully dressed at the bottom of the stairs and completely out of routine, he was fine!! No stress showing in his face or body language, no concerns to be seen, just one big smile across his face as he said good morning.  A while ago someone said that sometimes there isn't a reason for the moods that appear from nowhere and I disagreed because I thought that there's always a reason and, that being so, I would always be able to fix whatever was wrong if I tried hard enough.  I'm sure there was a reason for Ash's demeanour this morning but the lesson I've learned is that it's not always something I can fix, sometimes I just have to let him work his way through it without interference from me. 

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