Still feeling good

So I wondered if you've been wondering how I'm getting on.  Being an only child I have a tendency towards egocentrism and assume that everyone is as interested in me as I am but maybe you're not as, after all, why should you be.  Be that as it may however I did think you might want to know how my running is going.  I promised you a weekly update but haven't given any details for the past two weeks so, if you know me as well as I think you might, you'd be forgiven for thinking that's because I've given up.  After all, if I was still running, this would be the end of week seven in a nine week program and in the past I've failed to get past run two of week six.  If this really has been your train of thought I'm delighted to be able to tell you that this morning I ran the final run of week seven and am ready now for week eight to begin so how good is that?  When I first started running back in January 2019 I ran for one minute and thought I was going to die.  I couldn't breath and my legs felt as though they were going to give way but I persevered through a few more weeks, only not really with anything which could be called enthusiasm, before giving up then I tried again later in the year with exactly the same feelings and exactly the same results.  This week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday I've run for twenty five minutes non stop and felt so proud of myself at the end of each one.  On top of that I've changed my diet so I'm eating healthily, have lost nearly a stone in weight and now feel on top of the world.  I feel lighter not just in my body but in my soul and life is pretty good.  The thing is that there's nothing different about my life right now; dementia still lurks, I still spend my evenings with a silent husband, I still have all of the responsibility I had before but what is different is that I've focused more on my needs and my wellbeing and I've realised how important I am in all of this.  The really interesting thing is that, because I'm so much happier in myself, Ash is coping with life better; he doesn't feel anxious because I'm unhappy; he seems to know that I'm settled in this life and he picks up on the vibes that are all around me.  This is I think a true win:win situation which can only get better and I highly recommend it.

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Dr2n said…
Wow! Just Wow! With every post you become more and more my hero. I've started walking ever other day. Started out with 15 minutes. I'm up to 30. But running? Maybe I should try. Did you used to run?

Keep it up. Your take on all of this is serving as a light house to me. By the time my hubby gets to where Ash is, I should be my best me!!
Jane said…
I'm 60 in October and haven't run since I was about 19 years old. never ever done anything like this before or been so committed to anything before. I began lockdown by walking every day and think that got me fit enough to start this program without running myself into the ground on day 1. previous attempts have gone nowhere but just think I'm better in my head now. I also think/hope I'm now the best version of me I've ever been. You'd have to ask my friends but I think I'm nicer, I'm more fun, I laugh more and I'm more considerate of others. I wish Ash could have me the new me but I'm not sure what he would have thought of her because she's so different from the one he loved.
Frank said…
I was once a running zealot. Every weekend I went somewhere to participate in a so called fun run. I loved it. I stopped doing that when I turned 50. Until about 3 months ago I used my treadmill every day. Then my beloved dog got chronic kidney disease. Since then I haven't been able to focus on anything outside of caring for her. She and caring for her consumes my every waking moment. I think caring for her is more like caring for a baby than a needful adult. I still have to care for my wife. I'm glad you are looking beyond this moment in time. I too want to get back to running, i.e., jogging, but it must wait. If you run every day, you'll live forever. Happy 4th.