The 6 year old brings a new perspective

Today began with the 6 year old trying to sneak a tv program past me and thinking I wouldn't notice it was the same one we'd had a discussion about last night.  That discussion ended with, I thought, the two of us agreeing that there were better things to watch but he obviously expected that a night's sleep would have helped me forget.  His lessons for today were that a) I'm brighter than I look and b) I'm not the pushover he thought I was.  However we've also had a lesson from him and the lesson was that the weather doesn't have to be perfect for a trip to the beach to be fantastic fun.  I'd hoped for sunshine but what we got was driving rain and wind strong enough to blow us across the sand so not quite dream conditions but he ran up and down sand dunes, dug holes and, most wonderfully, stood at the water's edge shrieking with laughter as waves broke over his wellies.  Even the big wave which crashed, filling his boots with water, didn't move him and Ash and I had more fun together than we've had in a very long time.  Before dementia a day like today would have been nothing out of the ordinary  but nowadays it needs the 6 year old to change our perspective and show us that life can still be fun.  Thank goodness we have him is all I can say.

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Cornwall Girl said…
I often feel that Im now living with a 6 year old and funnily enough if you spend time as if they are then its happy days all round