Weekend away

My weekend away may have got off to a difficult start but you'll be pleased to know that I had a lovely time doing not much at all and Jake reported that Ash was perfectly happy the whole time I was away.  Last time I had complaints when I got home, this time it happened before I went so I think it's safe to assume that it's part of the deal; I get time away but need to appreciate that it will cause stress at some point.  I also think that it's easier on everyone if that stress comes at the beginning because it's then out of the way leaving him free to relax and enjoy the 'boys' weekend.  So now we have three and a half days with the six year old and Ash is in seventh heaven because he has someone who doesn't remember the old him and who has such faith in him that it's wonderful to watch.  The six year old thinks Grumps is able to do anything that's asked of him and so, of course, it frequently becomes a self fulfilling prophesy.  I say 'frequently' because, whereas once upon a time that assumption worked it's magic through the whole of every visit, now the magic isn't quite so strong but at least the attention boosts Ash's self esteem if nothing else.  At least one trip to the beach has been requested and we've spent this afternoon gardening so all is well in this household at least for the moment. Whether I'll have any energy left at the end of the visit is another matter.

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