Last week's challenges are behind us.

 This is a very short post because the 6 year old is here for the week and my energy levels aren't what they were but Ash and I have had such a nice day that I wanted to tell you about it.  The 6 year old went to play with friends this morning so the two of us went shopping and to the bank both of which provided lots and lots of opportunities for people watching which, as a family, was always our favourite hobby.  Jake and I still do it but Ash doesn't always notice as much as he used to and so sits quietly while we watch.  Today however he was on very good form which made us both happy, the bank didn't faze him and the supermarket shopping went without a hitch.  In fact he's been so chilled today that he took the dog for a walk late this afternoon and didn't bother putting his shoes on.  For years and years if not at work Ash rarely wore shoes and could walk almost anywhere with nothing on his feet.  Then dementia came calling and the times he went barefoot became fewer and fewer until eventually he was so anxious about life that even sunbathing in the garden involved socks and shoes.  Recently, as he's become calmer, the footwear has come off if he's sitting in the garden but this is the first time in approximately four years when he's been out in the village without his feet covered up.  This is a small miracle and caused me much silent celebration as well as a desire to share the news with you.

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Unknown said…
That’s so special, thank you for sharing. It reminded me that my husband used to like driving barefoot.
Jane said…
It's amazing how quickly the old memories fade from our minds isn't it? I find I really struggle to remember my confident, fun and outgoing husband who was always up for an adventure.