Let's not dwell on the challenges

 Last week was difficult and I wrote about some of it, then on Friday it got worse.  The dog who, if you remember, is the love of Ash's life had been poorly all week so I knew the reason for it and then on Friday he spent the day at the vets so I was expecting things to be challenging but knowing all that didn't make it any easier.  On Friday then, I was going to tell you all about those difficulties and challenges but ran out of time so I thought on Saturday I'd write about it but I was on my way to Jake's for a 24 hr break so I ran out of time and decided I'd write about it yesterday but again ran out of time.  Now I'm here, sat at my computer and have discovered that the traumas of last week are no longer important or relevant.  The dog is on the road to recovery, Ash is settled and I've had 24 hours with the peace and quiet of my own company so am once again ready to face the world.  The lesson I've learned here then is that nothing lasts forever, that it's really important to focus on the positive while putting the negatives behind you and that life is never as bad as you think it is or as bad as you thought it was.  Now the sun is shining, the 6 year old is here for the week, I've spent today in the garden, tomorrow a visit to the beach is planned and it seems it's time to think of the positives in my life which are, I'm discovering, many and varied.  I can't even say that last week was like a bad dream because I've forgotten the details and have no wish to call them to mind.

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