New clothes, new me

At the weekend I ordered a skirt.  Those of you who don't know me might wonder why I mention it but those of you who do will probably now be sitting down with the shock of this news.  I've rarely worn skirts and certainly not in the last 20+ years but all the running and the healthy eating are working their magic with the result that the weight continues to fall off revealing a slimmish me underneath.  There's still a way to go but I'm now slimmer than I've been for years and years and, not only that, I feel better about myself than I've felt for years and years so on Saturday when I found myself gazing longingly at a skirt of a type I've hankered after for ever I took the plunge and ordered it.  It arrived this afternoon, I tried it on and, although I didn't look quite as slim as I'd hoped, I loved it.  Not only that but it's not black!! Instead it's a very lovely green and I now find myself looking at tops to go with it.  I'm not sure exactly what's happened to me recently but I think dementia has once again come to my rescue.  A few years ago Ash and I found ourselves in a difficult situation through no fault of our own and life became a dark place.  I think this was reflected in my clothing and I took to wearing black at all times then, when we started to climb out of the abyss, dementia was lurking and Ash didn't want to see me in anything other than what he was used to so black became the norm.  Now however, just as I've realised I'm not that person any more, dementia has really taken hold which means he doesn't notice much of what's going on around him and in turn that means I'm free to wear any colour, any item and any style that I want and I can feel life becoming fun once again.  You see, as I keep pointing out, there are benefits to having dementia in your life and sometimes they have unexpected consequences.

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Dr2n said…
I can't wait to see pictures. My husband's decline has me realizing that I can pretty much have anything I want and don't have to ask or even consider what he might think. So--I ordered a daybed I'd been looking at for a while. I figured I'd sleep in it on the nights he could use a bath but doesn't see it that way. It's gonna go in the back bedroom which was supposed to be his office but it didn't turn out that way. That's where I put my new piano keyboard I got myself for my birthday and it's where I do my lessons and practicing. It's becoming my go to place and, you know what, I deserve it as you deserve that skirt and at least TWO tops to go with it.
Jane said…
Two tops seems an excellent idea and a friend has also pointed out that I'll need shoes too so will let you know how I get on. I love the fact that you have a place of your own. I do too and it's made such a difference to my life.
Frank said…
First I built a back yard bard so that I could have a small sanctuary in which to sleep with my dogs. Now I have a little room in the house in which I sleep with my dogs. I thank God every day for my little room of peace and quit.