The 'D' Word

Sat down about an hour ago to write this post but decided instead to practice my procrastination skills, flicking from Google to Twitter to Facebook before bringing up my emails and finding one from Pete Hill who hosts The 'D' Word on TDW Radio and who, you may remember, I talked to three weeks ago.  He was emailing to tell me the chat was now available online and to give me the link.  I've listened to it first and didn't sound anywhere near as bad as I thought I might so I'm now willing to share it with you and to wait for your comments as long as you're gentle with me.  If you want to hear what I had to say or just want to hear what I sound like then you can click on this link

One thing I will say is that, if you'd told me in the really dark days following Ash's diagnosis, that one day in the future I'd find myself with a life as full of new experiences as this one is becoming I would never have believed you.  Life nowadays is rarely dull.

Happy listening and hope you enjoy it.

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Unknown said…
Just listening to it now . You come over very well. I am sure those who know you will be very proud of the way you're coping and growing ever stronger.
Cornwall Girl said…
Just finished ....very well done i can see why we get on 😌😌😁😁
Jane said…
I've thought the same on more than one occasion.
Jackie said…
Well done Jane!
You came over as very positive and articulate.