Update on a work in progress

 The 6 year old went home this afternoon and before I collapse in a heap on the sofa I thought I'd give you a quick update on my life.  Those of you who know me might be surprised to hear that the running continues although I have to admit that, in the face of exhaustion this week, it's been mainly walks but I've still gone out each morning for exercise so that's good.  When the 6 year old isn't with us I run one day, walk the next, run the next etc and find the running getting easier as each week passes.  I'm not running any further than I was or any faster or for any longer but I'm running and for someone with as little staying power as me that's a miracle in itself.  The healthy eating continues too and the result is that I've dropped two dress sizes in four months and am still heading downwards.  In fact last week I bought a pair of black jeans in what I thought was a size very much too small (they're my goal) but have discovered I can get into them.  I admit they're stretch and I'm not sure I could eat a meal while wearing them but they're something to aim for and it doesn't feel impossible that I'll get into them soon.  I told you about my new skirt so want you to know I've bought another one plus two new tops, a new pair of flip flops and some new shoes and can't quite believe I'm still me.  All of this is so unlike me but I feel really good about myself at the moment and the more I work on me the better I feel.  Not only that but I'm doing it just for me and no-one else and that brings it's own feel-good emotions so you see, if you too are living a life affected by dementia and think there's nothing to look forward to, maybe, just maybe, it's time to work out what you want to change and then work out how to do it.  If I can do this then you can do anything.

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Cornwall Girl said…
I am so impressed with your fitness and activities :-) I cant quite see me running but Im very admiring of you doing so .Well done Jane!!
Jane said…
If you'd asked me at the beginning of the year whether I would start running I'd have answered with a resounding 'NO' and I would never have believed I'd have the commitment to carry on when I'd finished the programme but somewhere along the line I decided that the only person who could make my life better was me so here we are and I'm feeling quite pleased with myself.