24 hours away makes all the difference

 You may have noticed a lack of blog posts over the past few days and I thought you'd like to know that their absence was entirely for good reasons.  Friday's was missing  because the 6 (nearly 7) year old was here so no time for anything else while the weekend was taken up with two days away with a visit to a spa not too far from home courtesy of Jake both because he bought me the voucher for Christmas and because he came to stay with Ash so that I could go away.  The first question asked of me when I walked into the building was whether I would like details of the exercise classes.  My reply was a resounding 'no thank you' so I collected my locker key and headed towards the changing room.  There then followed a day given up entirely to relaxation as I read and dozed and read some more.  I finished my book and began another then had an Indian Head Massage and all before lunch.  After lunch I snoozed in the slumber room, read some more, went for a swim, had a cup of tea, read some more and then headed to Jake's empty house instead of having to drive all the way home which is how I usually have to finish one of those days.  The result was my arrival home late yesterday afternoon feeling completely rested, relaxed and rejuvenated.  The really great thing though was that Ash had been completely chilled the whole weekend and I think he now associates the arrival of Jake and the nearly 7 year old with my departure from the house.  Up to now we've had rocky starts and/or finishes to these short breaks of mine but it seems as though we've settled into some sort of rhythm with it all and Jake even managed to get Ash on a walk out of the village which is something I fail at every time I suggest it.  Not only that but Ash was happy to chat with me last night and came out for a coffee this morning so it did him a great deal of good I think.

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Carol said…
I am pleased that your short break was so positive Jane. have just had my first ‘respite’ 3 days and, apart from worrying about M a lot of the time I did sleep better and relax. Unfortunately the conclusion was not so good. M came home from Care home (carefully chosen, recommended, I don’t think their fault), much more confused. Unable to walk as well and incontinent last night - never again, I wish I had a family member able to be in the house with him, could pay for someone I suppose, but then also have to pay for me to go away. It is a difficult time

Jane said…
I think the problem with respite is that they're somewhere unfamiliar and that upsets everything that helps to make them feel safe hence the problems afterwards. I know I'm lucky because I have Jake but even with him there are limitations because he has his own life and work so I am currently investigating caring agencies even if it's just to get me one whole day out each week. As for employing them for holidays I have considered it and have decided that if I have to do it it will take some real organisation on my part but with payment at least I'll only be paying for me on holiday not for two of us so think it might just about balance out.