And the good times continue

 I'm trying really hard not to be lulled into a false sense of security but we've had a few good days recently and life is good just now.  I do know of course that this state of affairs can't last but with that knowledge at the back of my mind I've decided to go with the flow and enjoy this while I can.  So, in case you're wondering what magic wand I've waved, I'll tell you that I have no idea how it's happened but we've just had our second 'almost normal' day in a row which is a bit of a record really.  We've had good days, we've had quite good days and we've had ok days but rarely a run of them.  Yesterday then was the shopping trip which, apart from the silent return journey, was lovely and today we've been out for Sunday lunch to a pub with friends.  Yes you did read that correctly, out for lunch, to a pub and with other people.  There was conversation, laughter, discussion and it really was, to the untrained eye, a normal event as experienced by other couples living a regular life.  It was in some ways an illusion of course; Ash didn't follow all of the conversation but he kept up with some of it, he laughed in the right places even if he didn't always get the jokes and, best of all, when the meal was at an end he invited the friends back to the house with us so that the fun could continue.  Luckily they had to be elsewhere but I say 'luckily' only because it was good to finish on a high and he eagerly joined in the search for a date when we can do it all again.  I can't remember when a trip out with Ash was so lovely and so effortless.  A great end to the weekend.

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Tehachap said…
So very happy for you and Ash... We both know these good days will eventually be few and far between until they disappear completely and you're left with memories. Today was/has been a good day for us. As you say, you never know when the day will turn out bad. You have to learn to go with the flow. Hugs and blessings to you.
Jane said…
I'm happy to go with the flow when things are good but sadly find it far more difficult when life is difficult. However I'm determined to learn from this and see if I can try and get him out more. It will take careful planning as you know but I rarely refuse a challenge nowadays so we'll see where we go with it.
Anonymous said…
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